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In 1991:
was founded

The PAVIMETAL Company initiated its activity in the field of setting up steel structures, acting as an exclusive agent / importer of a recognized international manufacturer, and dedicates itself this way to the marketing and setting up of steel structures up to the present date.
Since the start of its activity, Pavimetal has extended its area of operation to the entire national territory and is imbued with an entrepreneurial and dynamic spirit, and from the very beginning they have bet on their own production process, in order to allow their customers a real panoply of alternatives.

The bet on a personal production process, together with a technical office for the development of projects and customized solutions for each client, translated into
a bold and lengthy process, triggering an exponential increase in the demand for Pavimetal products, a demand that fortunately lasts up until now.
The PAVIMETAL company has facilities

covering an area of 10,000 m2 and have
a modern set of machinery engaged in the production that enable its optimization, which necessarily leads to a reduction

Project development
and customized

in price, allowing the company to meet the increasing demands of their customers. It also has several installation teams, which have their own means of transport, lifting and safety at their disposal.

Certified Quality

Currently, the company is certified by APCER, following the reference standard NP EN ISO 9001 and has as primary objective of total customer satisfaction,

apcer, iqnet

by continuously improving its processes, investing in its flexibility and profitability, in order to provide the most viable solutions.

Commercial Markets

The Pavimetal Company has a huge area of activity in its home market, where it has set up hundreds of pavilions.
Internationally, it is present in many foreign markets, particularly in France, Spain, Angola, Sao Tome and Principe and Mozambique, and has commenced its commercial operations in Morocco and Brazil.